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So, you’ve decided to buy an automatic pram rocker but are not really sure which model is the best pick for you and your baby?

Does your little one take short naps during the day and wake up as soon as the pram stops moving? Then we suggest you try our pram rocker. It’s a handy assistant that makes the baby sleep longer. Meanwhile, the mom can gain some extra minutes to go about other business and spend more time with the baby when it wakes up.

We will now point out a few keywords about both products that might help you make a decision. The Deki pram rocker is indeed more expensive than the other one, but comes with quite a few advantages. We recommend Deki for families who need a little bit more time off for themselves as it can rock the pram for 2–4 hours at a time.

Deki pram rocker:


1)         Works with a rechargeable battery that can be recharged while using. When recharging, the rocker may not come into contact with any water or moisture!

2)         Will not turn itself off. The rocker can be used for 2–4 hours at a time (depending on the weather conditions and weight of the pram).

3)         May not be used in rain and wet conditions or on wet surfaces. The rocker must be attached to a dry surface and protected from rain.

4)         Has been tested in temperatures up to -5 degrees Celsius.

5)         Suitable for use in sheltered places or on terraces where the rocker is not exposed to wet conditions.

6)         Preferably used on prams with rigid suspension (importer’s suggestion based on testing results). The product is suitable for pram wheel sizes 1.8–6 cm and diameter 10–28 cm. The total pram weight with the baby may not exceed 25 kg.

Rockit Rocker pram rocker:


1)         Works with non-rechargeable batteries. At minimum speed, battery life is up to 60 hours.

2)         Works in 30 minute cycles and turns itself off. To restart, press the on/off button.

3)         Can be used in rain, but must be covered to avoid getting it wet. It is easy to cover the rocker up as it is attached to the handle and if the pram is covered, so is the rocker.

4)         Has not been tested in cold conditions.

5)         Suitable for use out and about.

6)         Preferably used on prams with very soft suspension (importer’s suggestion based on testing results).



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