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ECO BOOM biodegradable bamboo dipaers, size M 6-10 Kg, 32 pcs

ECO BOOM biodegradable bamboo dipaers, size M 6-10 Kg, 32 pcs

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Premium disposable nappy made with 100% biodegradable bamboo fiber topsheet & backsheet.
Suitable for even the most sensitive baby’s skin.
Designed to keep your baby dry, and undisturbed for up to 12 hours insuring undisturbed sleep.
FSC certified chlorine free wood pulp.

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Eco Boom diapers have 100% bamboo fiber topsheet and backsheet that are completely biodegradable. The super absorbent core consists of FSC certified chlorine-free wood pulp and traditional SAP. SAP is, essentially, what makes the diaper absorbent. It’s always made of plastic, unfortunately, but scientists are working on a biodegradable alternative.

What Are Eco Boom Diapers Free From?

It’s just as important to know what ingredients diapers are free from. We want the diaper to be as natural as possible, with no harmful toxins or chemicals. So what should we try to avoid?

• Chlorine
• Dyes and inks
• Fragrances
• Lotions
• Phthalates
• Chlorine

Are Eco Boom Diapers Biodegradable?

The majority of the ingredients in Eco Boom diapers are biodegradable, although we’re not given a specific percentage. All eco-friendly diapers have a little plastic. You’ll find super absorbent polymer in all diapers because that’s the bit that wicks away the moisture. This is always made from plastic, but hopefully, there’ll be some eco-friendly alternatives in the future.

How Well Do Eco Boom Diapers Work?

Eco-friendly doesn’t mean compromising on effectiveness.
Bamboo is the perfect material for baby diapers: it’s soft, strong, and super absorbent. So Eco Boom diapers will have no trouble wicking away moisture and keeping your baby dry. They have a super absorbent core, natural aloe oil to keep the baby’s skin and the diaper itself soft, and a triple elastic fastener to keep the diaper securely in place. There’s also a wetness indicator to let you know when your baby needs to be changed.

Eco Boom Diaper Size Chart
Size Weight
S 6-16lbs (3-8kg)
M 13-22lbs (6-10kg)
L 20-31lbs (9-14kg)
XL 26lbs+ (12kg+)

Why They’re Great
• They’re free from harmful toxins like chlorine, phthalates, fragrances, lotions, and dyes
• They come in biodegradable packaging
• They have great reviews
• They’re ultra-soft and absorbent
• Flexible to fit baby
• Made from sustainable bamboo
• Made with FSC-certified wood pulp
• Biodegradable
• They have a wetness indicator
• They contain natural aloe vera


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