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ROCKIT ROCKER rechargeable stroller rocker

ROCKIT ROCKER rechargeable stroller rocker


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New! Our updated Rockit Rocker is now rechargeable, and comes with a brand new improved bracket.

Does your baby wake up as soon as the pram or stroller stops moving? Have restaurant meals gone cold because you’ve had to jiggle the buggy?

Rockit can help with these situations, and many more!

It will safely rock your stroller for you, keeping your baby moving – and snoozing – for longer.

Freedom to enjoy a meal in peace or navigate airport queues with ease!


Portable design with a bracket that securely attaches it to any stroller or pram
USB Rechargeable (cable included)
New Rotating bracket (Always rotate Rockit until it points directly up)
Soothing rocking motion with 60-minute cycle, helps them nod off and nap for longer – so you’re free to have a coffee, unpack shopping, and more.
Showerproof, so you can use it out and about – useful if it starts raining when your eldest wants a last push on the swing. Avoid exposure to heavy or prolonged rain.
Adjustable speed dial – helps you find the perfect rock for your stroller and child.

Dimensions H 155mm x W 86mm x D 95mm
Weight 388g
Batteries Internal rechargeable lithium ion battery.
In the box 1x Rockit, 1x micro-USB cable, 1x Universal bracket, 2x User Instructions
Warranty 1 year
Safety Only to be used on prams and strollers. Do not use on cots, cribs or car seats.

Position out of reach of the child.

Always ensure that the stroller or pram is on a level surface and the brake is firmly applied before attaching and operating the Rockit.

Showerproof. Tested to IPX1 standard. Avoid exposure to heavy or prolonged rain.


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